Sunday, December 10, 2017

Poem for Christmas

What are we celebrating
here and now
with Christmas– 
Christ’s Mass?
A mostly hidden
of God
into the world?
Family unity
pasted together
out of old
new resolutions
to do better
spend more,
gorge together?
What are we celebrating 
here and now?

What are we celebrating
here and now?
Fond memories of
Christmas past?
Major profits for
retail stores?
One-day ingathering
of a 
scattered clan?
Birth of a child
who will change 
the world?
What are we celebrating
here and now?

The world says
“Go wild!
Spend too much
Eat too much 
Drink too much
or coffee
or eggnog.
You’re priming the
economic pump – 
Go wild! 
Exceed your income,
Break your diet,
Breach your boundaries,
Smiling!  Smiling! Smiling!

God says –
“Be joyful with 
My Child is born.
I love the world.
So – please – love
my world.
Love my Child.
Love me.
Love your neighbour.
Love yourself.

So – 
What are we celebrating
here and now?

Let’s love.

Sr. Sue Elwyn, SSJD
Toronto, ON
December, 2012

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